Let our kids be kids!

I love photographing children as you never know what the day will turn out to be! Their curious, adventurous little-big-personalities challenge me and oh, it's so much fun!

The way I photograph your children is by bringing their own character out. We will arrange our shoot at the location of your choice or your home, your little ones will bring their favourite toys and we'll let them be. My photography is not about putting your child in awkward positions and expect them to smile happy for the camera. My photography is about capturing the real expressions, smiles and laughter. 

If that seems like the right choice for you, get in touch, tell me more details about your thoughts and let's do it! Xx

Family shoots start at £99.

On the other hand, if you would like to capture the very first moments of your brand new baby, or those precious moments when your newborn is turning into a little person on their own - with their little personalities, millions of expressions and character!!... - I'd love to help you do that, too! 

I will come to your home, we'll have a cup of tea and see how the little one is doing. We'll be patient and work around their needs. The day will be full of aaaaw's and oops's! And the gallery you'll receive will have images full of love and connection Xx

Baby shoots start at £149.