What to expect from a pre-wedding shoot? + Brooke & Mark's session in South Shields Beachfront

What to expect from a pre-wedding shoot? + Brooke & Mark's session in South Shields Beachfront

You must know by now that I always find that the pre-wedding shoots are a superb icebreaker between the couple and their attitude towards the camera prior to their big day.

It’s a funny one – all my couples say that they love my ‘off guard’ photographs – I do, too! - which are usually created when the couple are faced with some sort of a distraction – maybe confetti is being thrown at them, maybe the best man is making them embarrassed with his speech, maybe it’s listening to the celebrant and realizing they are getting married (!), maybe it’s the hilarious dance moves!

However, during a pre-wedding/engagement session, there are no (or a few) distractions leaving you both conscious you will constantly be in front of a camera - you are aware that the photographer will be snapping only you two as there’ll be no one else around and the thought of posing for a picture makes you think ‘aww that’s awkward!’.

I understand that all of it is quite unnatural, but, at the same time, think of the following:

  • you are not on your own

  • you are spending some precious time in an embrace of your lover

  • it might be a bit windy and cold and that strong hug is exactly what you’re after at this very moment!

  • you dressed up real nice and your future husband is giving you compliments which make you blush

  • you realise at this very moment that your wedding day is not long away and you can’t hide the excitement

  • you enjoy the time together away from your everyday routine and that’s simply great

…and then you forget I’m around with my camera. Well, you don’t forget it but you stop thinking about it as much, you embrace this experience, we all chat and have a laugh. We ‘work on’ a few different poses pretty seamlessly. By the time your wedding day comes, your camera shyness is gone, and when you see me around, you’ll be totally chilled as you’ll know the way I’ll work around you and you’ll know that I’m working towards creating a beautiful gallery for you full of happy, emotional, flattering, creative photographs that you’ll love.

(And I did not even talk about the bonus of receiving some beautiful photographs of the two of you at a location you love!)


Brooke & Mark are getting married soon in the amazing South Shields Town Hall, followed by a party at the Baltic in Newcastle/Gateshead, and guess who’s the excited photographer that will follow them around!!

Take a look at their gorgeous beach pre-wedding session – loving the pop of red in her hair, and that bright scarf that kept them both warm. See you very soon! ❤