HOW TO: Making your own paper confetti

Hi! As many of you already know, I am not only a wedding photographer, but I am a bride to be myself, as well as a number one confetti shot fan!. And with our wedding just over two months away, there are quite a few little projects we've been doing ourselves to make the day extra special. I won't share all those projects with you just yet as I want to keep them as a surprise for our guests, but I will share my method of making our own confetti!


If you are interested in making your own tissue paper confetti, read on! It feels a little bit like writing a recipe for a cake! :)


  • biodegradable tissue paper of colours of your choice (I found ours on Amazon)

  • scissors

  • junk mail! all the unimportant letters you receive and need to shred but never get a chance! you will see why in step 4

  • craft paper puncher - we used one inch circle motive puncher (got it from Amazon as I was too lazy to pop to Hobbycraft!), but this tutorial works for any shape you want, except rectangular confetti, as you can just cut the tissue paper with scissors as you please :)

  • patience and a few spare hours of your wedding planning time

  • thicker, but pretty!, paper for the cones where you will put your confetti in the end


1. As tissue paper will come folded, I would simply cut through the folds, as it's so much easier to handle smaller batches


2. The puncher will work with no more than 10 sheets at a time, so make sure your batches contain 10 or less sheets

3. Now the funny bit. If you try to use the puncher on the tissue paper, the below will happen and you don't want that

4. In order to avoid that, I had a genius (even if I say so myself) idea - take a thicker paper, fold one side of it (by just over an inch) and insert the tissue paper between the fold. This way when you punch through, the puncher will cut the normal paper nice and sharp and will not tear the tissue paper hidden in the middle! Once you've finished punching one line, just cut the leftover tissue and other paper with scissors, and do the same again and again. For that I did not want to use any good paper, that's where it was handy to have all the leftover mail that needed shredding! I guess the below pictures show what you do. This method worked well for me. I also tried cutting the tissue paper in (thicker than an inch) strips, but this method wastes more tissue paper so not as much confetti gets made from the same amount of paper. (I did not photograph this method, sorry)

5. Continue this process with all the colours and separate the real confetti pieces from the confetti wannabes, and you've got a pile of fantastic confetti which will float unbelievably nice in the air!


6. I have also made the cones that the guests will use to throw all-this-hard-work-results on us on the day :) I followed this method:

Make it and see it for yourself ;)


I have now added a couple of photographs from our wedding (taken by Chris Randle) which show off our confetti efforts! How good did it turn out?!!

Let me know how you get on and whether you need me to explain any of the steps better! :)

Happy Wedding Planning! Xx