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Leana & Julien | Basketball Engagement Shoot | Newcastle Upon Tyne

Meeting Leana & Julien for the first time and chatting to them over ice-cream and coffee on an unusually hot day in Newcastle felt pretty personal to me. As the say, the best way to meet someone special is through the hobby you share! This happened to me and my now fiancĂ©, this happened to them, too!

The love for the game!

The love for each other!

They told me they weren't very affectionate nor comfortable in front of the camera. Ha! Once we entered the basketball court and Julien kindly asked the kids to give us 15 minutes for the shoot (oh he lied. We spend four times that!) the situation changed! Once you check out the selection of photos from the day, you'll see what I mean. 

Both Leana & Julien's eyes were full of that loving spark and I cannot be happier about the outcome of their Engagement photoshoot!

Hope you enjoy it, too x