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It's our birthday!!!!!!

Oh I remember this time last year - just got back from the most wonderful holiday in the middle of nowhere and was feeling more inspired than ever. Finally I decided to stop being too modest and present my photography to the world. Oh how many nights I spent gathering ideas on how I should do it, wondering what reactions I'd cause, how I'd make it work. Well, today I can tell you - I shouldn't have worried so much then. Since the day I got my first camera, to the first times I got called 'oh she's our photographer', to the day was born, until now - every time I go to on a shoot, I worry! I get butterflies and a new lesson. And oh how much I love the process of learning, meeting new people, finding the beauty in simple things! Thank you so much to my gorgeous family and friends who encouraged me and the ones who keep doing so! Thanks for all the tips, for being my models, for going to places with me! Thanks to everyone I met along the way!
So today I got myself some cake! To celebrate this birthday first thing tomorrow!