Image by  Chris Randle

Image by Chris Randle

instead of using words, I describe my passions in a frame

My name is Margarita Hope (née Gabnyte) - originally from Lithuania, I have also lived in the sunkissed Sardinia (Italy) and the ever so lively London before settling down in the North East England – I love being so close to the coast and the country with so many gorgeous natural settings that inspire my work and suit my personality so well. A few years ago I found a massive passion for snowboarding and I've never looked back since - every year I look forward to one or two weeks with my other half in the snowy mountains, and last year we decided to spend the whole 3 winter months in Whistler, Canada, where we also got engaged! It's been an amazing trip with loads of unforgettable experiences and it grew in me an even bigger desire for adventure. In addition, we have recently got married and it was the most amazing day!!.. I believe that planning our Wedding helped me to understand the little stresses and joys of my beautiful couples way better!! It's such an exciting time, isn't it? ❤ 

I often find myself watching the world go by through the viewfinder - everyday objects get turned into my muses & life's precious moments into emotion filled memories. If I didn't take my camera while travelling or on quick weekend trip away, I would certainly regret it - you'll see me composing pictures in my head as I go hiking, watch the sea get furious or sun set over the peaks of the snowy mountains. 

I love the magic of photography – the way it can narrate a story through images, when no words are necessary to describe the feeling that is captured in a frame.

Being a Wedding photographer is like being a storyteller of one of the most important days in couples’ lives and I really enjoy every step of the journey – from meeting the couple for the first time and hearing how excited they feel about their upcoming Wedding, to seeing them on the big day when all the emotions become so real – capturing those sparks in the eyes and the joy of the united families as the wedding day unfolds. I get butterflies in my tummy before every Wedding, as well as the day the final photographs reach the hands of the newlyweds. Knowing that their memories will be cherished forever and I helped make it happen is what I love most about being a Wedding photographer.

I'd describe my photography style as relaxed and candid as I document the moments throughout the day. At times I may guide you a little if I see I need to, but for the rest of the day, you'll forget I'm around and simply think I'm yet another happy guest at your party!

So, are you planning your wedding? And what is it you are looking from your photographer? Maybe we can talk about it. Let me know the essentials first - where when and how big (!) your big day is going to be and maybe a little bit about the two of you & let's take it from there - I'll provide you with a quote for your day and we can work around it to make it work for all. I'm keen to travel around the North East England, London and the rest of the UK - and with pleasure will consider destination wedding!